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Types of Electric Car

Electric only vehicle image.

Electric Only Vehicles

Electric only vehicles with very low running costs to use on a daily commute or lots of local journeys, with ranges varying from about 100-250 miles plus, and as little as £1.80 for a full charge these cars really suit a lot of peoples needs and zero road tax or congestion charge.

Electric Cars With Range Extenders

Electric cars with range extenders give extra security for longer trips around 100 miles electric with the option to turn on the onboard petrol generator to keep the battery topped up around a extra 100 miles, allowing for unlimited re fills at the petrol station, and none of the worry about charge.

Image of electric car with range extender.

Image of plug in hybrid.

Plug in Hybrids

Plug in hybrids (PHEVs) plug in to charge up and /or use the efficient petrol engine as you drive, with a average battery charge of around 30 miles and on board generators to recharge battery unit as you drive and unlimited from the petrol engine,this is a good option to higher mileage users.

Petrol/electric hybrids

Petrol/electric hybrids, as easy to use as a conventional cars with the benefits of cheaper motoring and cleaner travel, vehicle runs fully on petrol with onboard battery unit charged via hybrid system, maximising fuel consumption, a perfect option for high mileage users.

Image of petrol/electric hybrids.