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Will Electric Cars Have Gears?

Will Electric Cars Have Gears? images.

Because electric cars don't have engines they don't need gears. Gears are used to pass the power of the engine onto the wheels of the car and different gears are needed to get any petrol or diesel car to travel at different speeds. In an automatic engine car, there are still gears but the car does the changes of gear for you.

All Electric Cars Are Automatic

In an electric car, an electric motor drives the car. When you press on the accelerator the electricity increases, the motor goes faster and the car goes faster. Therefore electric cars don't need gears and will never have them. All-electric cars are automatic.

Are Clutches Needed In An Electric Car?

Electric cars don't have clutches either. Clutches are needed to stop engines from stalling. Electric cars can't stall so they don't need clutches. In fact, electric cars have a lot fewer parts to go wrong than diesel or petrol cars and so they are cheaper to service.