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Why Are Electric Vans Cheaper To Run?

Why Are Electric Vans Cheaper To Run? images.

Electric vans are cheaper to run for a number of reasons:

  1. Road tax = nil - There is no road tax on electric vans
  2. The cost of electricity per mile is usually much less than the cost of diesel per mile. - Obviously it depends what you pay for your electricity but typically an overnight charge will cost £1.00-£2.00 and will give you 70-90 miles on the 24 Kw Nissan ENV 200
  3. Running costs are cheaper. There is no engine to maintain - the battery drives an electric motor which turns the wheels. Batteries have proved to be much more reliable and have much longer lives than people feared originally. In fact it is expected that Nissan batteries will last at least 22 years. (see previous blog)
  4. No congestion charges for electric vans - important if you are in London now but possibly coming to other cities too.
  5. Brand new vans are more expensive but second hand ones are much more affordable.

Electric Cars In London

We have customers in London who are saving so much with their electric vans that they are paying for themselves.

Our Nissan ENV-200s have side sliding doors and are ply lined. All electric vans are automatic so they are great for lots of local deliveries. The only restriction is the 70-90 mile range on one charge. As the number of charge points increases it should be easy to charge for half an hour at lunch time and get another 56- 72 miles - giving you a 126-162 daily range. The range varies with load (the heavier the load the smaller the range) and weather conditions (you use more electricity for heating, lights and windscreen wipers in bad conditions.

For businesses who use a van within a small area a used electric van is a brilliant way to save money and save the planet!