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What Happens If An Electric Car Runs Out Of Charge?

What Happens If An Electric Car Runs Out Of Charge? images.

Up until now, the only way to recover an electric car with a completely flat battery has been on a tow truck. The Americans have come up with a portable charging unit that can come out to your car and get it going again. Here at Electric Cars UK, we think this is a brilliant idea. We were trying to come up without our own portable recharging unit but everything we thought of was too big or too heavy. We will definitely be looking into buying one of these when they become available in the UK

Read About Portable Electric Chargers Here

We read all about them in Charged magazine - this is a publication full of interesting and useful articles for electric vehicle owners and those interested in getting an electric vehicle.

Breakdown Vehicles Could Soon Help Electric Cars Too

Electric vehicle owners wouldn't run out of charge on purpose but if you've planned a long journey, only to discover the public charge points you wanted to use are broken, you could end up in trouble through no fault of your own. As the number of charge points increases, this is less likely to happen - but if all AA, RAC and Green Flag vehicles are equipped with a portable recharger in the future, they will be able to help in the same way as they can help if you run out of diesel or petrol now