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What Electric Vans Are Available?

What Electric Vans Are Available? images.

At Electric cars UK, we have a large number of second-hand electric Nissan e-NV200 vans in stock. These are great vans for nipping around town. They will do 70-90 miles per charge, depending on load and weather conditions

The heavier the load the shorter the range and cold/wet/dark weather means that you have more things switched on to drain the battery.

Having Rapid Charge Is A Useful Addition

Most of our stock is a rapid charge which means that you can get an 80 percent charge in 30-40 minutes at a rapid charge point. There are apps that show you where the nearest charge points are and help you plan your journey if it is more than 70 miles. 

Get Alerts When You Are Low On Charge

In addition to this, these clever vans tell you when you are low on charge and will show you the nearest charge points at a touch of a button and then guide you to them.

Some vans are also rapid + which allows you to charge faster on a normal wall socket- the kind you can have on the outside wall of your house or garage- a government grant will pay most of the cost.

Pay No Road Tax Or Congestion Charge

With no road tax, no congestion charge and a cost of around £1.50 per 70-mile charge, our London customers are finding that these e-NV200 vans quickly start to pay for themselves