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Tesla Supercharging at Tebay Services

Tesla Supercharging at Tebay Services images.

We called in at Tebay Services on Sunday with a Tesla Model S to try their superchargers. They were easy to find and use. It was a rainy morning in Cumbria but there were already 2 other Teslas there. There are 8 superchargers available to use so no need to queue. 

To charge up you just press on the screen, a flap opens at the back of the car and you plug the lead from the charge point in. 

Charging Takes As Long As Getting A Coffee

A pleasant wander around the famous farm shop and a cup of coffee later (about 40 minutes) we went back to the Tesla. The screen told us we had gained 80 miles so we pressed to stop charging, unplugged the lead and resumed our journey. 

It's Easy To Charge

The charge was free and much less hassle than refuelling with petrol or diesel. 

The Tesla S is a great motorway car, accelerating quickly and smoothly and cruising easily at motorway speeds. With Tesla supercharge points showing on its screen, many at motorway service stations, it makes long electric car journeys enjoyable and easy