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Tesla Model X Display

Tesla Model X Display images.


Here at electric cars, we are really excited to have a Tesla Model X in stock and we’d like to show you just a little bit about it.

I’m sure there are millions of videos on the internet about this fabulous car but this is the one that we’ve got here today.

As you can see, as you walk towards it, it unlocks itself, no need to use the key.

You just touch the door to let it open and the door will open, if there is anything in the way it will only open partially, it’s got all the sensors on to make that happen. Back doors open as well and they are the famous gull-wing doors.

And then if you come round towards the boot, the boot opens in the same way. You can see you’ve got loads of room in this vehicle.

It’s got 5 seats and incidentally, they’re all heated seats and I’m going to show you how the doors all close and we’ll have a quick look inside.

Just press the button- and you only have to put your foot on the brake for it to close the door.

You can see that inside it operates like an enormous IPad – you’ve got your map on the screen, it does the radio on the screen, put your phone in on the screen, it’s all as you would expect of a Tesla, high tech and for the future.