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Nissan Leaf Batteries Should Last 22 Years...

Nissan Leaf Batteries Should Last 22 Years... images.

According to Francisco Carranza of Renault - Nissan Energy services, data collected by Nissan shows that a Leaf battery should last for 22 years. This is good news for Electric car drivers. Many press articles carried scare stories of how unreliable electric car batteries were likely to be. This led to many battery leasing schemes so that customers bought the car but only leased the battery in case there were problems

In General Electric Cars Owners Find The Batteries Very Reliable

In fact, the experience of electric car owners is that, in general, electric car batteries are very reliable and the leasing system becomes a nuisance when it comes to selling your electric vehicle on the second-hand market.

It's Great News That Leaf Batteries Last For 22 Years

Here at Electric cars UK we only sell battery owned vehicles and if Nissan batteries are likely to last 22 years that is good news for everyone!

In fact, if batteries are likely to outlive the cars they power, then research is being done into what these car batteries could be used for afterwards. Nissan is looking into ways of using car batteries for storage, both at home (in conjunction with solar panels) or in larger projects like the one at Amsterdam's Arena soccer stadium. Here they used the equivalent of 148 Leaf batteries

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