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New Shape Nissan Leaf

New Shape Nissan Leaf images.

New Nissan Leaf In Stock

Electric Cars UK are proud to show the new Nissan Leaf model that we have in our showroom now.  Please take a look at the video underneath to see more details and visit the link at the end of the transcription to see more specifications of the vehicle.

Video Transcription

"Electric cars is very excited because we have a new shape, new model Leaf in stock, and we thought we would like to walk round the car and show you what it looks like inside and out.

It has a range od 160 miles, which is much better than the old style of Leaf and this particular model has rapid charge so you can charge it up in 30 minutes.  Most supermarkets have fast charge points now, where you can just plug in for 30 minutes and get 80% of your charge back, so you can do your shopping or get a cup of coffee while you charge up and then carry on with the rest of your journey.

Of course there are lots of extras with electric cars, they all have sat navs and parking cameras, parking beepers, they are very well equiped.  It has a lovely big boot.  Can gets lots of shopping or equipment of whatever you want in there and its a great car to drive.

This is a high spec model, it has e-pedal, pro-pilot and a parking camera with 160 degrees.  It's a stunning launch spec car.  Carefull driving in the right conditions can extend the 160 mile range.

We offer nationwide delivery at £1 per mile and can arrange finance if you wanted.  You can see more details of the Nissan Leafs we have in stock by clicking the link."