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Is Buying An Electric Car Worth It?

Is Buying An Electric Car Worth It? images.

Buying an electric car is definitely worth it for some people at the moment but maybe not for everyone.

Buying An Electric Car Can Save Money

If you are a two-car household then it would be worth replacing one of them with an electric car. Electric cars save money and are good for the environment. They are also great to drive and save you going to the petrol station to fuel up. You just plug in at home on a charger fitted outside your house that a government grant will mostly pay for.

It All Depends On Your Daily Commute

It depends on your daily commute. If you do more than 100 miles a day then it would be better to wait for the longer-range electric cars to come to the market. If you do 80 miles or less, then an electric car would be fine for you. Charging electrically is currently much cheaper than fuelling with petrol or diesel, there is no road tax on most electric cars and no congestion charges if you drive into a city.

There is always the need to have a car that does a longer range and can be refuelled easily for holidays and emergencies. While it is possible to do long journeys in an all-electric car, recharging currently takes 30 mins to put 80% back in. This might be ok if you plan stops along the route as part of your holiday but is not ideal in emergencies. That is why many people opt to have an all-electric car as their second car, saving them money and helping the planet.

There are other options for longer journeys:

BMW fit range extenders to some of their I3s- a petrol engine that recharges the battery if you run low and can be topped up at a petrol station

Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) can run on fuel or electricity and change between the two. Careful use can ensure that you mainly run on electricity and save money but can use petrol for holidays and longer journeys.

Electric cars are expensive new but much more affordable second hand. Come and see what's on offer at electriccarsuk.com. We can deliver Nationwide. We think electric cars are definitely worth it. They are the future.