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General Motors Accelerates Switch To Electric Vehicles

General Motors Accelerates Switch To Electric Vehicles images.

According to The Times 6th December, General Motors is set to build one of the world's biggest battery factories for cars in a joint venture with a South Korean chemical company- LG Chem

The first batteries will be for an all-electric pick-up truck that is due to enter production in 2021

This Is In Response To Tesla

This is part of the traditional carmakers' response to the threat posed by Tesla, the world's largest maker of electric cars. It is also in anticipation of booming sales in China. China aims to take all petrol and diesel cars off its roads and replace them with electric cars.

The Factory Will Be Built In America

The battery factory will be built in America where GM is the largest carmaker. Its chief executive has said that the factory will bring forward its plans to introduce 20 new electric vehicles globally by 2023. 

Electriccarsuk looks forward to having many more makes and models of used electric vehicles becoming available for its customer in the coming years.