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Do you really save money with an electric car?

Do you really save money with an electric car? images.

The answer to this question is yes!! but how much depends on you.

Electric cars are fun to drive - I love to see how many tree symbols I can collect on the dashboard of my 2015 Leaf and always drive in Eco mode. The car still has loads of acceleration and is very nippy around town. The lights on the dashboard tell me how well I am driving to make my range as long as possible

New electric cars, even with government grants are still expensive but the low running cost and residual value still make them cheaper to run overall

Cost of car + running costs - sale value of car is LOWER for electric cars than petrol or diesel cars

Why are they cheap to run? No road tax, no congestion charge, a charge of 80 miles for about £1.50, no engine so less to go wrong and less servicing charges. 

Second hand electric cars offer even more value - a 2015 Nissan Leaf with 12000 miles costs £11995.00

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A 2018 Nissan Leaf 2 with a range of over 160 miles and 6056 miles on the clock costs £25995.00

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If you have a commute of less than 40 miles or mainly do short local journeys a 2015 Leaf could be a good buy for you