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Best Electric cars to buy 2020

Best Electric cars to buy 2020 images.

According to Auto Express, the best 10 electric cars to buy are:

1 Tesla Model 3

2 Kia e-Niro

3 Jaguar I-Pace

4 Hyundai Electric

5 Tesla Model S -Fast, luxurious with ground breaking design

6 Nissan Leaf- the first ever mass produced electric car

7 Mercedes EOC

8 Audi e-tron- the luxury electric SUV

9 BMW I3- delivers premium quality, tiny running costs and surprising pace

10 Renault Zoe

The top 4 are still very new to the market and there aren't many second hand ones around yet. Electric cars UK is hoping to be able to stock them soon. Meanwhile we have a Tesla S, Nissan Leafs, and an Audi Etron in stock today with BMW I3s coming on this week