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Best Electric cars to buy 2020

Best Electric cars to buy 2020 images.

According to Auto Express, the best 10 electric cars to buy are:

1 Tesla Model 3

2 Kia e-Niro

3 Jaguar I-Pace

4 Hyundai Electric

5 Tesla Model S -Fast, luxurious with groundbreaking design

6 Nissan Leaf- the first-ever mass-produced electric car

7 Mercedes EOC

8 Audi e-Tron- the luxury electric SUV

9 BMW I3- delivers premium quality, tiny running costs and surprising pace

10 Renault Zoe

The top 4 are still very new to the market and there aren't many second-hand ones around yet. Electric cars UK is hoping to be able to stock them soon. Meanwhile, we have a Tesla S, Nissan Leafs, and an Audi Etron in stock today with BMW I3s coming on this week