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Are Electric Cars Better?

Are Electric Cars Better? images.

In my opinion, all-electric cars are better in a lot of ways than petrol and diesel cars. Apart from the obvious environment-friendly, health-friendly benefits they are also very user friendly

Electric Cars Are Very Responsive

I don't know what I expected when I first drove an electric car but I didn't expect to like them so much straight away. It was like upgrading to a smartphone from a landline!

They are very responsive - no going up or down through gears - just choose forwards or backwards and put your foot down. Away you go- faster than you would expect. 

They Come With Loads Of Clever Features

They are clever cars -all the information about your electric car that you could ever want is on the dashboard at the touch of a button- a Nissan Leaf will tell you when your battery is low and direct you to the nearest charge point with the Sat Nav.

You don't have to go to the garage for fuel- just charge up at home at night. For most people, an overnight charge is all they need for their normal commute and local journeys.

There Is Less That Can go Wrong With Electric Cars

There is less to go wrong with electric cars as they don't have engines. Various studies have shown that running costs are much cheaper for electric cars.

Of course, there is the drawback that if you suddenly needed to do an emergency 400-mile journey it would be difficult and slower (but not impossible) to do in an electric car. Any long trip would take thought and planning. Even so, there are always ways around this and other forms of travel. 

If electric cars are better and cheaper for your everyday lifestyle then why would you deprive yourself of the fun of having one? You can always hire or borrow an old-style car for holidays and emergencies