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£1 Goes Three Times Further With An Electric Car

£1 Goes Three Times Further With An Electric Car images.

As reported in The Times this weekend

You Can Go Three Times The Distance In An Electric Car

Research shows that £1.00 gets you three times as many miles in an electric car as in a petrol or diesel car. A study found that the most efficient battery-powered cars can travel up to 33 miles for just £1. The cheapest engine vehicle can only get to 11 miles on £1 of petrol or diesel.

Parkers, the car review site has shown how much money electric car owners save in running costs. Electric cars are dearer upfront but using the mile per pound measurement on their website can work out which would be cheaper to run over the life of the car. The data is only available for cars on sale since 2017.

Buying A Second Hand Electric Car Saves You More Money

Buying a second-hand electric car allows you to save even more money as they are much cheaper than brand new ones. There is also maintenance costs to consider. Electric cars are cheaper here too as there are fewer moving parts and no engine to service.

This research uses the price of charging at home as public charge point costs vary widely.